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Seaweed is a nutritional storehouse of omega theree oils and antioxidants containing over 71 nutrients, including calcium, iodine, iron, magnesium, vitamins and complex sugars that assist with stomach and intestinal bacteria. New Zealand Way stocks ZEAVIDA Fucoidan, processed in NZ from pure, 100% organic, locally sourced seaweed. This nutritional supplement / super food is derived from freshly picked Undaria pinnatifida (Wakame) seaweed. Absolutely no chemicals or fillers are added. It is harvested in New Zealand's pristine Marlborough Sounds – one of the cleanest marine environments in the world, with low population, minimal heavy industry and strong environmental focus. Fucoidan is a bioactive component of Undaria pinnatifida (Wakame) and other brown sea vegetables (seaweeds). It is one of the most heavily studied of natural bio-active substances in the world, with more than 100 peer reviewed, published scientific studies that examine fucoidan. Many of these explore it as a promising anti cancer drug while others focus on how it affects skin and the intestine. Compelling studies also research its capacity to act as an effective antibacterial and antiviral agent. Others experiment with fucoidan's role as a powerful antioxidant. Learn more about ZEAVIDA Fucoidan at